In the 21st-century classroom, K-12 students are no longer just practicing math skills in class. Instead, math instruction should be interactive, challenging, and engaging. The following math resources help with that, as well as adapt to a student’s individual needs and skill level. Some of these require a fee or membership.


Carnegie Learning Adaptive Math Software: MATHia and Cognitive Tutor Available for "Bridge to Algebra", Algebra I and II, Geometry, and middle school math courses. This software allows students to develop, learn, and master secondary mathematics at different paces and it provides students with individualized and self-paced instruction by integrating interactive software, assessment, and problem-solving activities.

DreamBox Learning DreamBox Learning is an online elementary math program that combines adaptive lessons with real-time reporting to individualize instruction for students. DreamBox is aligned to the Common Core Standards and can tailor every math lesson to meet a student’s unique need, via level of difficulty, scaffolding, sequencing, the number of hints, and the pacing. Reports allow teachers to review the participation, proficiency, and progress of students using the program.

iLearn Math Individual Prescription for Achieving State Standards, or iPASS, matches instruction to specific concept and skill deficits of individual students and is mastery-based. The fully-automated, web-based math curriculum and instruction system incorporates course management, progress reporting, and teacher support in an integrated system aligned with Common Core State Standards.

Kahn Acdemy has a library of over 4,000 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, on a mission to help students learn what, when, and where you or they choose.

Mathalicious Math is about more than just numbers and equations. Math is a tool to explore the world around us,and that’s exactly what Mathalicious does. Mathalicious provides teachers with lessons that help them teach math in a way that engages their students–in a way that helps middle school students understand how the world works. Lessons are aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Math at the Core: Middle School is a collaborative production of WGBH Education, WNET, KQED, KET, APT, Center for Asian American Media, KAET, KCPT, MPT, and UEN. Funding for this project is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. See their videos and lesson ideas at

Math Class With Mr. V features seven playlists made by a mathematics teacher teaching lessons on basic mathematics, geometry, and algebra. In all there are more than 300 video lessons. Like most mathematics tutorials on YouTube, Math Class With Mr. V uses a whiteboard to demonstrate how to solve problems.

Mind Research Institute This software from nonprofit organization MIND Research Institute engages students’ spatial-temporal (ST) reasoning capabilities to help them understand and solve multi-step math problems through games featuring Jiji the penguin. It is available for K5, Fluency and Math+Music modules, or as a Secondary Intervention unit, designed for struggling secondary students or as a complement to any math curriculum.

Open is the largest K-12 educational resource library, offering over one million free assessments, homework assignments, videos, games and lesson plans for every Common Core Math, Language Arts, and Next Generation Science standard. OpenEd providies pre-built lesson plans (list of videos, assessments and homework) for every grade and subject; teachers can modify these lesson plans or create their own.

Shmoop Learning Guides. These guides for calculus, pre-algebra and algebra for teens aim to help students understand how math relates to their daily lives by using pop culture references. For example, when explaining basic geometry topics, Shmoop references how snowboarders use arcs and degrees to pull off tricks on the half-pipe, and shares a video of two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White snowboarding.

Ten Marks is another online tutoring service that offers mathematics tutorial videos on their site as well as on their YouTube channel. Some of the lessons in their playlists include lessons on units of measurement, decimals, fractions, probability, area and perimeter, and factoring.

Texas Instruments TI MathForward. This pre-algebra and algebra-readiness program fosters mathematics achievement for students at all different levels, including proficient, struggling, special needs, and English Language Learner students. It is a research-based program that integrates Texas Instruments technology and professional development into a school’s own curriculum, helping both educators and students achieve their mathematics goals.

Virtual Nerd was originally developed as a supplemental learning resource for teachers and students, with a focus on middle school and high school mathematics.

Waterloo Maple This software helps students analyze, explore, visualize, and solve mathematical problems. With over 5,000 functions, Maple’s interface supports multiple styles of interaction, from Clickable Math tools to a sophisticated programming language. Using the smart document environment provided by Maple, users can capture all of their technical knowledge in an electronic form that combines calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images, sound, and diagrams.

Wowzers Math This adaptive math instruction is combined with engaging, game-based collaboration for grades 3 through 5. Wowzers Math learning content is delivered through its classroom management system and includes more than 3,000 unique learning objects, such as lessons, practice problems, games, and quizzes through which students can apply skills in real-world situations.