Mathematical Tasks in Classrooms Around the World


The sites listed below are ever-changing and contain content of varying degrees of cognitive demand.

Most of these websites provide resources that are completely free.

  • http://illuminations.nctm.org/ - This website contains a collection of 580 lessons for PreK - 12 math educators which are searchable by grade band, standard, or specific topic.

Assessment support

Other resources

  • http://www.figurethis.org/challenges/math_index.htm - Figure This! is a Public Outreach campaign designed to engage families of middle school students in working on mathematics together. The campaign consists of 80 math challenges organized by standard . They are designed for middle school students and their families to work on at home but could also be used in the classroom.

  • http://www.timiddlegrades.com/ - This website includes math and science activities which incorporate Texas Instruments technology at the middle school level.

  • www.timath.com - This website contains archived high school math activities which incorporate Texas Instruments technology. These activities are searchable by standard and type of technology.

  • http://www.gelessons.com/lessons/ - This website contains math and science lessons which make use of Google Earth.

  • www.geogebra.org - GeoGebra is free mathematics software for teaching and learning which incorporates interactive graphics, algebra, and spreadsheets appropriate for elementary through high school students. The site also contains a GeoGebraWiki which is a free pool of teaching materials for the dynamic mathematics software GeoGebra. Everyone can contribute and upload materials! All contents may be used free of charge.

  • http://blog.mrmeyer.com/ Dan Meyer's blog and catalog of problem ideas.